Bubble Bath Machine

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BubbleBathMachine200_4011Bubbles just got big time! Place the Bubble Bath Machine on the side of your bath and fill up with your favourite bath bubbles and water. Lay back, switch on and watch millions of perfect frothy little bubbles fill up your tub.

A must have for people who love a good soak in the tub.

A lovely gift for the person in your life who needs pampering, maybe even yourself!

Lie back and relax with our Bubble Bath Machine, sure to make your worries drift away…

The Bubble Bath Machine is 23cm / 9 inches tall.

Requires 3 x AA Batteries

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Gold Bullion Door Stop

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GoldBullionDoorStop200_63000Prop open the door with some bling!

The concept started from a true story from the old CEO of Pan AM airlines (a few of you may still remember them!!) as he had a real gold bullion bar as a doorstop in his office, he was obviously blissfully unaware of this fact until one day when it was pointed to him, needless to say it was swiftly removed from the floor! And thus it got our minds ticking…

Whether you wish to use as the ultimate doorstop or watch your friends and colleagues marvel at your impressive display of wealth as a paperweight in the office? There is no need to go and pay ?20,425 (correct on day of going to press!) for the real thing…


* 1 Kg ‘Gold’ Bar
* Full replica gold bar size.
* Size:14.5 cm x 6 cm x 4.5 cm

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Blood Bath Shower Curtain

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BLOODBATH_SHOWER_200_92636Great for all you movie fanatics and slasher horror film freaks who love nothing more than a quiet night in with 10 litres of red corn syrup!

A truly terrifying accessory for your bathroom – when the shower curtain is scrunched closed, it looks like a pleasant, safe and normal shower curtain.  But upon opening, what should confront you but the scene of a horror movie massacre, a blood bath!

All you Hitchcock fans can act the part in the movies from the warmth and comfort of your steaming shower.

Why not stitch up your guests and see if they dare pull back the curtain to check that there worst nightmare is not lurking in the shadowy recesses of your bath.


* Blood bath horror style shower curtain
* Set of shower curtain hooks

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Blood Bath Mat

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BLOODBATH_MAT_1_200_37733Upon entering the bathroom, give your guests the shock of their lives with our ‘Psycho’ Blood Bath Mat!

Gruesome, bloody, and absolutely offensive, the Blood Bath Mat is the perfect partner for our famous Blood Bath Shower Curtain.  We don’t think that you can ever have enough blood and gore, as you may have guessed, and this terrifying blood stained bath mat, we feel, truly pays tribute to those classic Hitchcock and Hammer horror movies of old.

Bring on the blood!

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Spinning Tyre Alarm Clock

September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

tyrealarm200_52651This alarm clock will wake you up – no matter what! It’s revving engine and wheel that spins faster and faster will not stop till you turn it off!

You really have to ‘test drive’ this analogue time piece to fully appreciate its virtues.

Simple to ‘set’, it silently ticks away before going into overdrive at the appointed wake-up time.

Backed by sounds of a high-performance engine revving fiercely and horns ‘tooting’, the wheel starts to spin – gathering momentum the longer the alarm continues unchecked. Even those enjoying the deepest of slumbers cannot ignore it for long and when, eventually, the gearshift lever is dropped into neutral, the whole experience comes to a thankful halt with the screeching of tyres followed by a very cheery “Good Morning!”

The face of the clock is designed to look like a very stylish hubcap, and the hands of the clock are a wrench and a screwdriver.

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RC Ferrari F1

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Ferrari2_200_84140This replica Ferrari F1 is fully licensed by Ferrari so you’re getting an accurate replica of the real deal – only this one can be driven without years of training, a pit stop team, and oodles of sponsorship cash.

It goes at speeds of up to 10KM/h (real speed) so you have to be careful to keep up – when we tried it here it was around the corner and out of sight faster that you could blink. We had hours of fun pretending to be a Formula 1 race car driver, and there’s a line up of people wanting to ‘borrow’ it here for a little lunch time racing.

It’s also a massive beast of an RC car – at 1:7 scale it’s a huge 66 cm long, not like those dinky RC cars you find in shops these days.Additionally, it has fantastic control and stability and is perfect for all skill and age levels– but as you get more skilled you can start doing spins and donuts and other tricks.

This RC monster is bound to cause hours of driving pleasure, and would be perfect for anyone who loves RC cars, speed machines or just people who love to play.

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September 20, 2009 Leave a comment

BMWz4_200_23830This amazing BMW Z4 is the best RC Car we’ve seen for stunt driving!

It does the best donuts, spins, figure 8’s and turns we’ve seen (trust us – we’ve see many!). It also goes as speeds of up to 10Km/h  – this is real time speed, not proportional speed!

This amazing machine literally goes everywhere, and every direction – forward, backward, left and right, and every combo you can think of.

With accurate body and paint design this machine is fully approved and fully licensed by BMW. This replica of the real deal is the perfect RC car for all ages, and skill levels – the more you play with it the more you can make it do!

All you need to do to get this going is charge up the included rechargeable battery, pop in the included 9v battery on to the controller, and you’re off! The power of this one is stunning!

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